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Choosing a cremation urn can be confronting. For many, it’s the first moment they realise their loved one is gone. However, if you’re not planning on spreading the ashes it is a necessary step in the funeral and cremation process. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about cremation urns and containers.

What is a Cremation Urn?

Cremation Urns, also known as funeral cremation urns, are high-quality containers that hold cremated remains, mostly human ashes. Many are hand crafted and customised to suit your family and your loved one. They can be made from a wide range of materials, such as marble, metal, stone or wood, are often engraved with a personalised message. This way, you can personalise them to match the wishes of family members or of your loved ones.

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Are Cremation Urns Expensive?

The cost of cremation urns varies greatly. They can range from a few dollars into the thousands, depending what you choose and how you choose to personalise it. If you choose to work with a funeral director, they will usually take care of the purchasing process. If they’re ordering an urn for you it’s important that you check the price with them, as some funeral directors will charge you more than the catalogue price.

Types of Cremations Urns Available

There is a wide variety of urns to choose from, ranging in price and style, and even the types of materials used to make them. If you’re not sure which cremation urn will best suit your needs, many funeral directors offer services to help you choose.


Adult Cremation Urns

Adult cremation urns come in a variety of types, including ceramic and metal. There are also biodegradable eco burial urns available, which are becoming increasingly popular among consumers seeking for a more ethical way to remember their loved one.


Child Cremation Urns

Child cremation urns are smaller, designed to hold less, and come in a wide range of options that can be customised and personalised to suit your needs. They are usually available in a range of different metals, in ceramic, as eco urns, or in different colours.


Standard Urns

Perfect for scattering ashes in a special place or to keep your loved one’s memory alive. Standard urns are often considered more of a budget option, however come in many different colours and styles as well.


Ceramic Urns

Ceramic cremation urns are very customisable, coming in a wide range of shapes and size, many with unique and symbolic meanings. If you’re seeking something a little more special, a ceramic urn may be the option for you.


Metal Urns

Metal urns are made of high-quality metals and alloys such as brass, copper, and aluminium. They’re often hand polished to bring out the most intricate features in the design and will shine wherever they’re placed.


Keepsake Cremation Urns

Keepsake urns are generally smaller, intended to hold just a fraction of the ashes. They can be carried or kept close to you, on a chain or similar, allowing you to keep your loved one close at all times.

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What Cremation Urn Design Should I Choose?

Many people have a ‘type’ or design they think looks most like their loved one. You might even choose one based on something their loved one enjoyed or simply reminds you of them. There really aren’t any rules when it comes to choosing one, though you will want to make sure you choose one that’s good quality. Too loose or too fragile and you may end up with ashes everywhere! on the other hand, unique urns or custom made urns look good but can be incredibly expensive. You’ll have to weigh up your options and choose the one that’s right for you, your family members, and your loved one.

If you’ve chosen a funeral director for a funeral service, they may be able to suggest an urn for you. Otherwise, if you’re ordering one yourself from an online store, make sure to check reviews before you purchase.

Do I Need a Cremation Urn?

While most people do choose to get urns for ashes, they’re not something you absolutely need to have. In most cases, you will be provided with a sturdy, sealed container to store the ashes. While it’s not a permanent solution, it’s ideal if you’re planning on having a scattering ceremony and spreading the ashes. If you’re not planning on getting an urn, scattering tubes also exist and can help with the scattering process.

What Do I Do With An Urn?

Depending on your family situation, you may want to display the urn in your home and keep your loved ones close, or place it somewhere important or symbolic, such as in a family mausoleum. The choice is up to you and your family, or your loved one if they expressed their wishes before their passing.

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cremation urns

Where Do I Get An Urn?

If you are working with a funeral director they will be able to provide more information to help you find the urn that meets your needs. Alternatively, there are a lot of stores both online and offline in Australia that sell urns and will deliver directly to you, quickly enough so that you will have an urn in your possession by the time you need one.

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