At the low cost of $1595

Don’t need or want a full funeral service?

Our Direct Cremation Services are as simple as 1, 2, 3


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Contact Cost Less Cremations when your loved one passes away. You’ll talk to a friendly member of our team, who will take some information and guide you through the application process.

Fill out the forms

There are a couple of forms to fill out for the process and for payment. Once all the paperwork is complete we will take care of the rest, including additional paperwork and Government Requirements.


We’ll send someone to collect your loved one, placing them in a simple coffin for transport to Lake Mulawa Crematorium. Once the cremation is complete, we organise the return of your loved one’s ashes to you.

How Do You Keep Your Cremations Affordable?

By offering what’s known as direct cremation, we’re able to eliminate many of the things that make cremations so costly. Our cremation services include only what’s necessary for cremation, removing expensive add-ons and frills.

By keeping the process as simple as possible, we ensure you can remember your loved one in your own way and not have to worry about the cost. With your loved one in our experienced hands, you can focus on planning and spending time with your family during this time.

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What is a Direct Cremation Service?

Direct Cremations, also known as an Unattended Cremations, are the most cost effective type of funeral available. Instead of dealing with funeral directors, funeral homes, venues, burial plots and other considerations, our cremation services are a simple process that keeps things as affordable as possible for you and your family.

Our services consist of cremation only. No funeral service and no funeral procession. There is no time pressure and little stress involved, allowing you to hold a ceremony and remember your loved one in your own time.

For years we’ve been providing cremation services for Australian families, ensuring they can get the services they need at an affordable cost. Our team is experienced and take great care when transporting your loved one, from pickup, through to the cremation process, and then returning your loved one to you.

Our specialist cremation staff are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist you with the application process.

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This type of cremation is the least expensive cremation option available, at a cost of $1595

Our affordable cremation package includes everything required to complete a non-attended cremation service.
  • Access to our specialist cremation staff
  • The transfer of the Deceased into our care 24/7 in Metro Melbourne
  • Mortuary Care
  • Doctor’s medical forms and fees
  • Registration of the death
  • Official Government Death Certificate
  • Transport to the crematorium
  • Basic coffin
  • Delivery of the cremated remains anywhere in Australia
  • You may choose to have a viewing at our premises. Please note some viewings may not be possible. Viewing fee applies. Viewings subject to our morticians approval. See here for details.

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Head to our Forms page to find out more about our service and to get started on your forms.


Our specialist cremation staff are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist you with the application process.


Do you offer pre paid funerals and cremations?

Unfortunately, we do not provide prepaid funerals or cremations. If you want to arrange your own funeral or cremation, be sure to consider the cost of cremation and any subsequent arrangements.

The process of getting a quote for our cremation services is easy and takes only 30 minutes, making it very straightforward to do on short notice. Our staff manage the entire procedure after your application, so you can focus on being with your family during this difficult time.

Can I still have a cremation funeral service?

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to have a funeral service or memorial ceremony for your loved in your own time once they have been returned to you. If you don’t want a conventional burial or funeral, Cost Less cremation is the ideal choice.

Where are you based?

We’re based in Melbourne, but offer our services for families throughout Australia. We’ve been offering low-cost cremations to Australian families for years and have the know-how to provide professional cremation services.

Why are Costless Cremations so affordable?

Simply put, it simply covers the cost of a cremation and its execution. There are no ceremonies, services, or other fees included, allowing you to remember your loved one in the way you choose. All our cremation service includes is only what is necessary for the cremation itself. The only optional add on cost we offer is for viewing before cremation.

Why get a cremation instead of a burial?

A funeral might be costly, and the price of them is only going to rise. Not to mention the fact that you’re restricted by the rules of the funeral director you chose, as well as their processes and other restrictions. In today’s world, many individuals are unable to afford full funerals, whether that’s due to a traditional burial or funeral being expensive, or for other reasons.

Direct cremations are far more cost-effective than funeral services and give you complete control over how you want to remember your loved one.