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Phone Cost Less Cremations when your loved one passes away. Our consultant will take some information and guide you through what to do next.


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Fill out all the forms online and payment options. Once all paperwork is submitted to us we complete all Government Requirements.



We collect your loved one and organise the Cremation at Lake Mulwala. We organise the return of your loved ones cremated remains directly to you anywhere in Australia (via Registered mail).

How Do You Keep Your Cremations Affordable?

Cost Less Cremations offer what’s known as a direct cremation, allowing you to move straight to the cremation process and remember your loved ones in your own time.

By keeping our process as simple as possible, we can guarantee a low cost service. The cost of our direct cremation services covers every part of the process, so you don’t have to think about anything. Your loved one is in experienced hands, and will be returned to you as soon as possible.

We’ve spent years dedicated to providing affordable cremations for families throughout Australia.

cost less direct cremation

What is a direct cremation?

A Direct Cremation, also known as an Unattended Cremation, is the most COST EFFECTIVE option for saying goodbye to a loved one. It is a practical and lower-cost alternative compared to a traditional funeral service.

It consists of a cremation only, no service and no funeral procession. You won’t have to deal with any funeral directors or think about a funeral process if you don’t want to, making the cremation process stress-free. A Cost Less direct cremation gives you the freedom to hold a ceremony in your own time, in the way your loved one would have wanted. Many of our customers choose to have a memorial service at a later time and location to say a fitting goodbye to their loved ones.

After you contact us, we pick up your loved one and bring them into our care. When your paperwork is completed online, we transport them to the crematorium at Lake Mulwala for cremation. We will return your loved ones ashes to you (via Registered mail), or they can be scattered by the crematorium.

Our specialist cremation staff are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist you with the application process.

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A direct cremation is the least expensive cremation option available, at a cost of $1895

Our affordable cremation package includes everything required to complete a non-attended cremation service.
  • Access to our specialist cremation staff
  • The transfer of the Deceased into our care 24/7 in Metro Melbourne
  • Mortuary Care
  • Doctor’s medical forms and fees
  • Registration of the death
  • Official Government Death Certificate
  • Transport to the crematorium
  • Basic coffin, Oversized coffin at extra cost of $495.00
  • Delivery of the cremated remains directly to you anywhere in Australia (via Registered mail)..
  • You may choose to have a viewing at our premises. Please note some viewings may not be possible. Viewing fee applies. Viewings are subject to our mortician’s approval. See here for details.

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Head to our Forms page to find out more about our service and to get started on your forms.


Our specialist cremation staff are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to assist you with the application process.


Do you offer pre paid funerals and cremations?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer prepaid funerals or cremations. If you’re thinking about pre-planning your own funeral or cremation it might be worth factoring in the cost of cremation and your plans afterwards. Application for a Cost Less cremation is simple and takes just 30 minutes, making it incredibly easy to organise when you have the immediate need for it. After application, our team will take care of the entire process, so you can focus on being with your family in this difficult time.

Can I still have a cremation funeral service?

After your loved one has been returned to you, you are welcome to have a funeral service or memorial service for them in your own time. If you’re not interested in traditional burial or funeral services, a Cost Less cremation is the perfect alternative.

Where are you based?

Cost Less Cremations is based in Melbourne. We have been providing affordable cremations for Melbourne families for years and have the experience to deliver a seamless service, treating your loved one with care and respect.

Is this the cheapest funeral option available?

While affordable funeral services do exist, a direct cremation service is still the most affordable option. Because we offer unattended cremation services we’re able to keep costs as low as possible.

Why does direct cremation Cost so little?

Direct cremation is cremation without the added costs. It includes only the cost to have a cremation and the cost of cremation itself. There are no ceremonies, services, or additional costs included, meaning you’re free to remember your loved one in the way you choose. It also means the price you pay is as low as it can possibly be. Our direct cremation cost includes everything required to carry out cremation and nothing more. There are no frills, and the only optional additional cost is for viewing.

Why get a direct cremation instead of a funeral?

Funeral services are expensive, and they’re only getting more expensive as time goes on. Not to mention the fact that you’re bound by the rules of the funeral director you choose, traditions and other standards. These days, funerals just aren’t a viable option for many people, whether that’s due to the cost or because of other factors.

A direct cremation can alleviate a lot of the financial and mental stress of funerals. They’re far more cost-effective than funerals, and give you complete freedom to have a ceremony or service in your own time, completely in the way your loved one would have wanted. If you choose to have a funeral service or memorial service in the future you’re free to do so, or you’re free to keep things closer and quieter.

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